Weekdays £30 first hour then £15/hour.
Weekends £40 first hour then £18/hour.
Bank Holidays additional £20.
Evenings after 19:00hrs additional £3/hour.
Evenings after 22:00hrs additional £10.
Change of colorama paper £5 per change
First 6 people free then £5 per person
Extra time on week day (before 7pm) £20/hr
Extra time evenings and weekend £30/hr

smoke machine £20
camera Canon D600 £50
recording microphone £20
condenser sound recording microphone on shock mount £20
collar microphone £20
photographer £90/hr
videographer £90/hr
sekonic flashmate light meter £20
tungston continuous video lighting £30
flourescent continuous video lighting £30
arri video light_set 150+300+650w £30
battery led video light on stand £20
18w 2100lm LED video lamp £20
230w 5500k video lamp 60cm softbox £20
2850w 5500k video lamp 60x90cm softbox and boom £20
uv lights £20
snoot and gells £20
product shoot tripod and boom £10
laptop £30
LED panel lights £30
softbox_30x120_with_5cm_grid £30
projector_soggiv_gp70_led1200lumens_150inch_1080p_hd_hdmiusbsdavvga £30
pro_party_strobe £30
wind_machine_floor_standing_fan_silver £30
wind_machine_on_stand £30

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