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Props List

- White ChairWhite Chairincluded
- Blue ChairBlue Chairincluded
- Red ChairRed Chairincluded
- Bamboo BackgroundBamboo Backgroundincluded
- 10Meter Extention10Meter Extentionincluded
- UV Lights x 3UV Lights x 3included
- TripodTripodincluded
- TripodsTripodsincluded
- Tripod2Tripod2included
- Retro TelevisionRetro Televisionincluded
- ManiquineManiquineincluded
- Green Screen and FrameGreen Screen and Frameincluded
- Boxing GlovesBoxing Glovesincluded
- GelsGelsincluded
- hat_and_mask_props800hat_and_mask_props800included
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